Parent Information

Please look through this information provided for you to better understand our center.


The tuition at Bright Promises is based on the yearly cost of the program divided into 10 monthly payments. The tuition is the same each month September through June. The first tuition payment is due August 1st and is then due the first of each month, October through June.

Alternative Schedules:

For those who the traditional preschool schedule won't meet your needs, we can offer extended day or alternative schedules. Please consult with us for options.

Newsletter and Calendar:

We provide you with a calendar and newsletter each month to share our monthly themes, class happenings, ideas to do at home, thoughts from the director.

Discovery Club:

Discovery Club is a social and learning opportunity for children. It is a 2 hour program offered afternoons Monday through Thursday. from 1:00-3:00. There is a $15 per day tuition fee.

Vacations, Holidays, & Snowdays:

In most cases we follow the schedule of the Barnstable Public School. There are a few exceptions which you will be informed of at the Parent orientation and in the Parent Handbook.


All parents will have the opportunity to have a conference scheduled in January. At this time, their childs teacher will have a preschool journal which has reviewed the school year along with a progress report.