Our Purpose

We believe that every child holds a bright promise for the future. It is our goal to provide a warm, nurturing environment that encourages the development of the whole child. In meeting this responsibility, experiences will be planned to encourage all children to develop a healthy self concept and a positive self esteem. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and provide positive encouragement for a child’s continued growth and development. Thus providing a child with the building blocks of life.

Our goal is to provide activities with the following objectives in mind:

Cognitive – to develop a child’s natural curiosity, to explore their senses, to encourage questions and problem solving. Concepts that are crucial to later development of reading, writing, math, and science skills will be reinforced.

Social - Children will learn how to work and play in both large and small groups, and how to communicate with others sharing their ideas and resolving problems.

Emotional – developmentally appropriate experiences that help develop a positive self esteem.

Physical - children will have many daily opportunities to develop both gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Children will participate in a variety of daily activities. Some of these are; art (a balance of both creative and skill based projects), block building, climbing, cooking, counting, creative movement, reading stories, puppets, dramatic play, circle time, singing, show and tell and much more.